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Adult Basic and Secondary Education and Literacy Teachers and Instructors (65110 US employees)


Teach or instruct out-of-school youths and adults in remedial education classes, preparatory classes for the General Educational Development test, literacy, or English as a Second Language. Teaching may or may not take place in a traditional educational institution.


Total Employment: 65110

Mean Hourly Wage: $25.99

Mean Annual Wage: $54060

Industry Influencers

Javeia McCoy - Science is about disproving.

Melody Williams - English teacher by day who is navigating life in South Korea.

How to Find Purpose and Passion by Melody Williams

In this video I dive into faith, life, plot twists, and what it is all teaching me.


Day in the Life of an EPIK Teacher by Melody Williams

Learn more about what it is like to teach in Korea, specifically through EPIK.


Teaching in Korea | EPIK Program Pro and Cons by Melody Williams

Are you interested in what it's like to teach English in South Korea? Wondering how I got a job in Korea? In this video I go over everything you need to know and share my experiences with the EPIK Program!


Why I Moved to Korea (and why you should too) by Melody Williams

Wondering why I moved to Korea to teach? Interested in finding a job and teaching in Korea too? In this video, I go over all the reasons why I am an #English #teacher in Korea and why (I think) you should be too!


How Korea Has Changed Me by Melody Williams

Teaching English in Korea has had a huge impact on my life. It's true - I've changed! I came here, totally unaware of just how big of an impact Korea was going to have on me. I dove a bit deeper this time and put everything into 3 categories - LEVEL ONE changes that will most likely leave me once I leave here, LEVEL TWO changes that affected me on a deeper level, and LEVEL THREE changes that have altered the course of my life, forever. I hope you enjoy.


Living in Korea | The Difficulties by Melody Williams

As an EPIK teacher, in Korea, It's not always rainbows and sunshine! This is an honest conversation about the difficulties I've experienced since moving here. The goal here is to paint a realistic picture of the struggles that come with this experience. ENJOY!


Korean Apartment Tour | EPIK Teacher by Melody Williams

Welcome to my humble abode! This is my EPIK studio apartment (or "one room" as they call it here) in the Gyeongsangbuk-Do province. ENJOY :)


Mel Talks | Conquering Fear by Melody Williams

This video is about fears - we've all got them, now let's talk about how to not let them stop us.


What to Pack for Korea by Melody Williams

Moving to Korea but don't know what to pack? I got you covered with some do's + don'ts! This video is perfect for people making a semi-permenant move.


Mel Talks | Power of Perspective by Melody Williams

Welcome to the second episode of Mel Talks, where I dive deeper about my faith, life, the plot twists, and what it's all teaching me. This video is about perspective (point of view) and how powerful it is combined with perception (what you interpret). I break it down into 3 categories - cultural, emotional, and spiritual.


Teaching in Korea | Co-Teacher Problems + Story Time by Melody Williams

As promised, a (mini) story time about my terrible co-teacher & I break down the 3 most common types of co-teachers you will encounter as an English teacher in Korea. Enjoy!


wowww - Gariandra Dupree

Moving On | Ep.1- Why I'm Leaving Korea by Melody Williams

Welcome to episode 1 of the moving vlog series. In today's video, I go to the doctor, swing by the post office, and answer the most asked question: WHY I'm leaving Korea.


I want to travel across the country - Gariandra Dupree

Moving On | Ep.2 - New Travel Plans + How to Pack like a Pro by Melody Williams

Welcome to another episode of the moving vlog series! In today's video, I start packing up my apartment, share my spring travel plans, and channel my inner Casey Neistat.


Life Update | What's Next? by Melody Williams

It has been a month since I have returned to the US from #teaching #english in Korea. In this video I share how I am readjusting and what my plans are moving forward.


VIPKID Teacher | Day in the Life + 2 Month Update by Melody Williams

Since I moved back to the US from Korea, I have started working with VIPKID. VIPKID is a Chinese online education firm that offers an American elementary education experience to Chinese students aged 4-12. Learn my likes and dislikes and how my experience is going thus far teaching for the program.


This really helped! Thanks - Kelly Whyte

fantastic job!-Matthew Arnold - Matthew Arnold

Moving On | Ep.3 - My Last Week Being a Teacher by Melody Williams

WOW GUYS, IT'S BEEN A MINUTE (wifi probz), thank you for bearing with me! Welcome to episode 3 of the moving vlog! In this video, I bring y'all along with me during my final week of school, sharing the feelz and frustrations. ENJOY!


😹 - Gariandra Dupree


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