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Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Workers, All Other (39440 US employees)


All healthcare practitioners and technical workers not listed separately.


Total Employment: 39440

Mean Hourly Wage: $27.12

Mean Annual Wage: $56400

Industry Influencers

Pavan Mehat - Since an early age I have been fascinated and obsessed with not only what allows people to excel but thrive in all aspects of my life. Due to this obsession I have read hundreds of books on personal development/self help, nutrition, physical well being, and biographies of some of the world's most accomplished people. However, I realized very quickly that when I learned something that positively impacted my life from the most recent book I was reading, it only helped me. But if I shared it with others I could help many people. This account's mission is to share what I have learned from my studies and extensive reading and what I continue to learn as I go through medical school to help as many people as I can be the best that they can be.

Seeing my First Surgery by Pavan Mehat

My second Family Practice clinical skills session was a transformative experience. I had a lot of firsts. Today was my first time in the hospital as a medical student. I got to observe an emergency department discharge, cardiology department admissions, and an internal medicine admissions. It was fascinating to observe the differences between the units. Then once I got back to my office I saw my first ever surgery: an excision of a tumour. I followed that transformational learning experience by getting my first opportunity to interview patients and conduct a medical history. During that time I used my stethoscope for the first time in the clinic. Despite it being an extremely long and jam packed day I was full of energy. When you are chasing your passion and serving others you will have all the energy you need to accomplish your dreams. The vast majority of the fatigue we experience today is caused by a lack of attention to the the present moment, especially during tedious tasks. To keep your self going through these tough times reconnect yourself to your mission. I know that I will 're-visit' these memories during the times I am stuck in a lecture hall all day to propel me forward. You should do the same.


Were you grossed out ? Was i️t a cringe ? - Ashley Fountain

How to Study for Medical Exams | Medical School by Pavan Mehat

In this video I share, how I am preparing for my first medical exam!


Was medical school a breeze ? - Ashley Fountain

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey by Pavan Mehat

In this book review of one of the best books I have read recently, I will briefly recap the most important #lessons from the 7 habits of highly effective #teenagers. Sean Covey is a brilliant #writer, and the 7 habits of highly effective teens is no exception.


I’ve seen hat book before .. Brilliant ! - Ashley Fountain

I have that book at my house very good book! - Matthew Arnold

Medical School: Embrace Stress and Embrace the Struggle by Pavan Mehat

Earlier this week I completed my final MCQ and lab exams to complete my first semester of my second year of medical school at UBC. Since I am 3/8 of the way towards my MD, I thought this was an opportune time to sit back and reflect on my journey so far through medical school at UBC and any important lessons I would like to discuss.


Do you ever have and second thoughts on doing this ? Or attending medical school ? - Ashley Fountain

what is the most stressful thing about medical school - Matthew Arnold


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