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Kindergarten Teachers, Except Special Education (158150 US employees)


Teach elemental natural and social science, personal hygiene, music, art, and literature to kindergarten students. Promote physical, mental, and social development. May be required to hold State certification. Substitute teachers are included in "Teachers and Instructors, All Other" (25-3099). Excludes "Special Education Teachers" (25-2050).


Total Employment: 158150

Mean Hourly Wage: N/A

Mean Annual Wage: $54510

Industry Influencers

Mr. Thain - Kindergarten Teacher passionate about creating informative videos

How I Lesson Plan by Mr. Thain

Lesson planning is an important part of the job and can be a cause of a lot of stress for teachers new and veteran alike. I explain my process I go through when I do my lesson plans.


Classroom Tour by Mr. Thain

Tour my classroom and get a in-depth look at some of my areas and activities for kindergarten.


Back to School: Tips for the First Week by Mr. Thain

This week I went back to school! The first week of kindergarten is in the books. In this vlog I give an inside look into the life of a kindergarten teacher on the first week of school. I share some tips on how to balance work and life so you can avoid teacher burnout.


Communication skills for parents and teachers by Mr. Thain

Communication skills to start the year right using the 3 P's.


Why bow ties? Dressing Professional by Mr. Thain

My personal philosophy on dressing professional.


Making Goals by Mr. Thain

How to set a goal and make sure you reach it. In this video I describe how to make an actionable goal and share my own #teaching goal for the year.


A Week In The Life Of A Teacher / Big Changes And Challenges by Mr. Thain

In this teacher vlog I share how my week went and some of the changes and challenges that I am going through.


Do the kids ever stress you out ? - Ashley Fountain

Time management in the classroom by Mr. Thain

Time management in the classroom can be a difficult task. Do you find yourself frequently not getting through what you have planned for the day? Using a timer can help you manage time in your classroom to be as efficient as possible.


Great tips ! - Ashley Fountain

A Week In The Life Of A Teacher / My Crazy Week by Mr. Thain

A Week In The Life Of A Teacher / My Crazy Week


Although being a teacher can be stressful , do you enjoy teaching children new things ? - Ashley Fountain

Thanks for this vey informational video. - Micaela Smith


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