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Mechanical Engineers (278340 US employees)


Perform engineering duties in planning and designing tools, engines, machines, and other mechanically functioning equipment. Oversee installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of equipment such as centralized heat, gas, water, and steam systems.


Total Employment: 278340

Mean Hourly Wage: $42.4

Mean Annual Wage: $88190

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Matthew Tran - Helping people make smart and realistic education choices to accelerate their careers.

Industrial Engineering: Reality vs Expectations by Matthew Tran

Learn about what it is actually like to work in #IndustrialEngineering. #jobs #RealityVsExpectations


This is what we need Matthew...Reality vs Expectations. Thanks for sharing. - Sherrie Campbell

Game Developer: Reality vs Expectations by Matthew Tran

My guest Daniel Doan (https://twitter.com/doandaniel) is the co-founder of Black Shell Media (http://blackshellmedia.com/), a company that helps indie game developers market and sell their games. #programming #gaming #GameDevelopment #EngineeredTruth


Matthew, thanks for sharing. Daniel is very impressive young man. - Sherrie Campbell

Computer Science vs Self-Taught vs Coding Bootcamp by Matthew Tran

Learn about which route is best for you from our guest Quincy Larson, the creator of Free Code Camp, the #1 way to learn to code for free. #education #coding #self-taught #bootcamp


Really good information Matthew. Especially since many more people are becoming self-taught. - Sherrie Campbell

The only major to go to college for... by Matthew Tran

Gain my perspective on the careers of the future, and the only majors worth pursuing in college.


Computer Science a good major? by Matthew Tran

In my opinion, most people in the world should get their bachelors in CS before working in the field. There's some people that can figure it out on their own, but most people likely need the school structure to learn it.


Is marketing a good major? by Matthew Tran

While, choosing a major it is important to consider options. See what the #marketing major is like in this video.


Is Pharmacy a good career choice? by Matthew Tran

Some things to consider before choosing #Pharmacy as a career choice.


Technical Internships: Tips from someone who has one by Matthew Tran

Technical #internships are a very valuable way to gain work #experience. This video provides invaluable #tips from someone who has one.


Is GPA important? by Matthew Tran

How important is GPA to finding a job? How important is GPA to finding an internship?


This is definitely an important question Matthew. Thanks for covering it so well! - Noah Huber-Feely

Is Industrial Engineering a Good Major? by Matthew Tran

In this video I explore industrial engineering, and its advantages and disadvantages for prospective students.


Tips on passing AP exams by Matthew Tran

AP Exams can be the key to acceptance into your dream university. Scoring well on them is important. This video is here to help you pass them.


College is a terrible place to expand your mind by Matthew Tran

"Knowledge has no value except that which can be gained from its application toward some worthy end. This is one reason why college degrees are not valued more highly. They represent nothing but miscellaneous knowledge." -- Napoleon Hill (1937).


Mechanical Engineering a Good Major by Matthew Tran

HVAC, Energy, oil, manufacturing & more. Here is a debrief of my own major.


Electrical Engineering a good major? by Matthew Tran

Learn about the job prospects and finances an electrical engineering major can lead to.


Petroleum engineering a good major? by Matthew Tran

What is petroleum engineering all about? Is Petroleum Engineering a good field to go into right now? #engineering #petroleumengineering


Is Computer Engineering a good major? by Matthew Tran

Computer engineering is one the most promising majors right now. I recommend anyone with a technical / logical mind to give computer engineering a try! #computerengineering #engineering #salary


A Day in the Life of an Engineer by Matthew Tran

This is a day in my life of being a HVAC Design Engineer.


How to Get a Job with Criminal Record by Matthew Tran

How to get a misdemeanor expunged/removed/dismissed off your record. How to get a felony reduced. How to get a job with a misdemeanor/felony. Do all jobs background check?


Is #business a good #major? by Matthew Tran

What can you do with a business degree? Are there #jobs in Business? What jobs can I get with a Business major?


Is #English a good #major? by Matthew Tran

What can you do with an English degree?


What to Wear to an Interview for Men by Matthew Tran

Interview attire for men. How to dress for an interview? How to buy a suit? What colors to wear to an interview? Where to get a cheap suit? Interview tips


How much math is used in engineering? by Matthew Tran

Is there a lot of math in Engineering, is the math hard? how many math classes do I need to take to become an engineer?


How to become a game designer by Matthew Tran

In this video I interview a graduate of the art institute of phoenix. He has worked for high impact games, his clients were dreamworks, & disney. He did the environmental design for boom boom hamster gold & other mobile games.


University vs State College by Matthew Tran

Big #universities vs a #stateschools, what’s the difference, which is right for you?


Why I Quit engineering to do Day Trading Ft. Mel Smith by Matthew Tran

In this video I interview Mel Smith who graduated with a bachelors in 2009 in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. He immediately started working for Johnson Controls as a Continuous Improvement Engineer and later quit to pursue his passion and purpose.


Is accounting a good major? by Matthew Tran

I interviewed my friend Natalie about Accounting. She is a CSULB Accounting graduates, and has had 2 jobs in accounting.


What you need to know about becoming a #Doctor by Matthew Tran

I interview Alex, who graduated from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey with a MD in Psychiatry. He is finishing up his residency in Miami. He runs the famous blog: http://www.medicalschoolsuccess.com/


Student loan crisis: WTF is going on??? by Matthew Tran

Student loan forgiveness, student debt reaching $1.2 trillion dollars. Is college worth it anymore? How to fix student loan crisis? What majors are useful?


How to get a high GPA by Matthew Tran

In this video I give practical advice on how to get a high GPA.


Resume Tips by Matthew Tran

In this video I share resume tips including the format I use which has gotten me 10 interviews. It works for me, I hope it works for you as well.


These are awesome #resume tips which will be helpful to any student seeking to create/improve their resume. Thanks for sharing! - Jermaine Boswell

Community college - everything in 10 minutes by Matthew Tran

Does GPA transfer from community college to university? What's the difference between community college and university? How do I transfer from community college to a university?


#brilliant - Ashley Fountain

9 tips for starting a business by Matthew Tran

In this video I answer the following: How to start a business? What do I need to do to start a business? How to start a startup? How to create a Business? Tips on starting a business.


Any other tips I need for this ? - Ashley Fountain

Why I quit engineering to do YouTube by Matthew Tran

I talk about why I quit engineering to do YouTube full-time. I go over what I learned from quitting engineering and if I would still recommend engineering as a career. I also talk about my goals for my Youtube channel.


Is Economics a Good Major? by Matthew Tran

In this video I cover the following questions: what can you do with a Economics degree? Are there jobs in Economics? What's the difference between business economics & economics? What are jobs in Economics?


Pharmacy: Reality vs Expectations by Matthew Tran

In this video I interview my friend Kevin, who shares what he thought his job would be like vs what it is actually like. We go over the following questions: Is Pharmacy school worth it? Is Pharmacy a good career? What's it like being a pharmacist? What do retail pharmacist do?


How to get into a good college by Matthew Tran

I talk about the 3 sections that you should take seriously in a #college #application.


Ultimate Guide to Getting an Internship by Matthew Tran

I give you guys a step by step guide on how to get an internship. This video is meant for those that are completely lost.


How to make money from fashion blogging by Matthew Tran

I interview the person behind Kkarmalove, Christine Hsu, about how she started making money from fashion blogging. She has 170,00 followers on Instagram and fully supports herself from her Instagram.


Is a Prestigious University Really Worth It? by Matthew Tran

I ask 8 people from different universities (some prestigious, some not) if the prestige of their university help or hurt them in their job search.


Should you join a Fraternity? by Matthew Tran

My thought on if you should join a fraternity while in college. Feel free to have your own.


Real Estate Agent: Reality vs Expectations by Matthew Tran

In his first year as an agent he sold 15 houses, and his second year he's sold 30 homes. My guest Bryan is one the most successful real estate agents I've met. He makes cold calls and goes door-to-door everyday. In just 3 years, he runs his own small team out of his office.


How I Make $10,000 /mo from Real Estate Investments by Matthew Tran

In this video I interview my guest John Sonmez (Simple Programmer) who makes $10,000 per month from his 26 rental units. At the age of 19, he was making $75 per hour as a software programmer. He's now retired at the age of 36, he works on his channel Simple Programmer to help programmers out there live a more balanced life.


Are US Universities a ripoff compared to Canadian Universities by Matthew Tran

NBC said that Canadian universities cost significantly less. I never trust mainstream news, they usually skew facts. I investigated tuition costs to find out.


How I Got A Job At Google (ft. DevTips) by Matthew Tran

In this video I interview Travis Nielson who shares how he got his job at Google. These tips can be useful for getting hired at any software company.


Is aerospace engineering a good major? by Matthew Tran

Need more information on Aerospace Engineering that's straight forward and easy to understand? Watch this video.


Mechanical vs Software Engineering by Matthew Tran

Jeff has a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. He worked for a Applied Mechanics intern, and Applications Engineer then became a self-taught software developer. He is now a software developer for a materials engineering company.


Interviewing for small vs large company by Matthew Tran

What's the difference between interviewing for a large company vs a small company? What to prepare for when interviewing for a large corporation? What to prepare when interviewing for a small company?


How To Get A Job with No Experience by Matthew Tran

I describe in detail how a person in college should get a job when he has no experience. I also talk about the order of importance for a resume, the right personality to have, and where to look for entry-level jobs.


What to do over summer break by Matthew Tran

Questions I cover in this video: Things to do over summer break? Productive things to do over summer break? What are things to do over summer break? Ideas over summer break How to not be bored over summer?


High Ssalary Jobs WITHOUT Going to College by Matthew Tran


#1 Study Secret for Engineers (By an Engineer) by Matthew Tran

What are some #study tips for #Engineers? How do you study for #science and #math?


This is so true!! This strategy saves a lot of time! Doesn't change for graduate school either. - Paul M.

The ultimate guide to becoming an engineer by Matthew Tran

Here is a clear roadmap on what you should be working on as engineer student. Including what clubs and activities you should be involved in. When to start looking for an internship etc.


The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Career by Matthew Tran

My guide to discovering your passion and career.


Why do you think that companies will focus on the applicant suggesting why he is good for the job versus an actual degree?-Matthew Arnold - Matthew Arnold

How to dominate a Career Fair by Matthew Tran

I have a camera follow me around a cannabis career fair in Los Angeles to show you guys how I work a career fair.


Is law school worth it? by Matthew Tran

Hope this helps you get better clarity around this decision.


Archaeology: Reality vs Expectations by Matthew Tran

Check out my first video with Chris where we talk about what Archaeologists do.


Does your pay increase if you find something significant or it is a salary cap? - Matthew Arnold

Civil Engineering a good major? by Matthew Tran

One thing I forgot to add is that it is important to know your calculus and matrices. It's brought up often in upper division engineering. It's also important to do well in early engineering classes as the concepts build on each other.


What are the basic classes do you need to take to become an engineer?-Matthew Arnold - Matthew Arnold

What are the basic classes do you need to take to become an engineer?-Matthew Arnold - Matthew Arnold

How Much Money Does a YouTuber With 150K Subscribers Make? (Motivation to be a YouTuber) by Matthew Tran

Learn how I grew my income from $0 to $10K a month on Youtube.


In the video you were talking about how you developed trait to become successful. Can you tell us which traits you used and developed to become successful?-Matthew Arnold - Matthew Arnold

Q&A How to save money for college students by Matthew Tran

Here are some tips to help any student save while in school!


Did you ever get scholarship money in high school ? - Ashley Fountain

Do you think that the views in rich dad poor dad and your own views on making money are similar or different? - Matthew Arnold

I got a new job making YouTube videos by Matthew Tran

I talk about the new job I got making YouTube videos for 3 small companies owned by one person. It's very interesting that making YouTube videos is now a skill that's in demand.


To gain the most experience would you work at a small or large company - Matthew Arnold

Is journalism a good major? by Matthew Tran


What tips can you give us to succeed in journalism? - Matthew Arnold

I'd recommend searching around on YouTube and the internet for more insight. I'm sure others can provide a better perspective. - Matthew Tran

Any other tips you can give ? - Ashley Fountain

$50,000+ Salary in 1 Year (No Degree Necessary) by Matthew Tran


Great video ! How do I start ? - Ashley Fountain

What is the most important skill to learn in order to achieve what you achieved? - Matthew Arnold

Do you believe that anyone can make a great salary with or without a degree? Do you feel that everyone should or should not get a degree? This video was very inspirational! - Nyseya Shakur

@"Nyseya Shakur" Although not the orignal poster, I think that he is of the opinion that a degree doesn't inherently matter. If you are passionate about something and don't want to pursue a degree you can be successful regardless. - Noah Huber-Feely

US Marines: Reality vs. Expectations by Matthew Tran

Joining the Marines could seem like a good choice for starting your career path, but there are some important things to consider.


Should you do an unpaid internship? by Matthew Tran

Should you do an unpaid internship? Specifically for actors, broadcasters, journalist, singers, songwriters, & producers. What are alternatives to unpaid internships?


I would love to be on broadway one day and sing my heart out. - Micaela Smith

Is physics a good major? by Matthew Tran

Many find physics's fascinating, and this video can hopefully help people understand the nature of pursuing at as a major.


I love physics. - Micaela Smith

Good video on fitness & health. - Micaela Smith

Good video on fitness & health.-Micaela Smith - Micaela Smith


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