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Photographers (50070 US employees)


Photograph people, landscapes, merchandise, or other subjects, using digital or film cameras and equipment. May develop negatives or use computer software to produce finished images and prints. Includes scientific photographers, aerial photographers, and photojournalists.


Total Employment: 50070

Mean Hourly Wage: $19.37

Mean Annual Wage: $40280

Industry Influencers

Toby Gelston - Experienced photographer helping others on their path to excellence.

Joe Allam - Independent creative/photographer from London, currently based in Melbourne

Tips for Art & Design Students by Joe Allam

Useful advice for students interested in pursuing art and design. Even if you don't plan to attend university, these tips can help.


Thank you so much! These tips are highly applicable and seem to be useful no matter your field of interest. - Noah Huber-Feely

I agree with Noah, thanks for sharing Joe! - Jermaine Boswell

Thanks Joe. Your post is very helpful. - Sherrie Campbell

What is in my new camera bag? Canon Setup by Joe Allam

Check out my cameras, lenses, accessories and the bags that everything is held in.


How many lenses do you have ? - Ashley Fountain

I like this video. - Micaela Smith

Paris - Travel Video Montage by Joe Allam

Check out my travel montage video of the beautiful Paris, France. Shot over a rapid 4 night stay covering a vast amount of locations and famous attractions in Paris, hidden Parisian qualities and even Disneyland.


How did you get your pictures to contrast so well? - Matthew Arnold

How do you focus the camera ? - Ashley Fountain

I love photography. - Micaela Smith

TOKYO, JAPAN – Travel Video Montage by Joe Allam

Tokyo, Japan is quite easily my favourite city I've ever visited! The vast size and amazement of Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro and more is simply insane! I put this short film together to submerge you into the fast paced culture of Tokyo and Japan!


How is Tokyo? - Ashley Fountain

I would like to go to Tokyo one day. - Micaela Smith

How to manage a professional #photography #photo library workflow by Joe Allam

A lot of people ask me about my workflow for organising and managing my photos, so I have put together this video documenting the way I organise my photo library and prepare them for editing.


What is i️t like being a photographer - Ashley Fountain

Good! - Micaela Smith

How to edit photos by Joe Allam

Watch and learn about my Photoshop techniques! This video covers a large amount of the curves adjustment layers that I use within Photoshop, but of course there are many other adjustments that I apply to photos on an individual basis.


Can editing photos be simple ? - Ashley Fountain

5 Photoshop Tips - Efficient Layer Management by Joe Allam

I use Photoshop daily and have built up an array of tips for efficient use when designing or editing photographs. Here are my top 5 tips for a more efficient workflow.


Any more tips ? - Ashley Fountain

Nice - Micaela Smith

#Sports #Photography VLOG - London Marathon by Joe Allam

This is the third time I've been to the London Marathon for photography and I thought I would make a video showing my day as a sports #photographer.


How was your experience - Ashley Fountain

Keep it up. - Micaela Smith

Shutter Speed Basics by Toby Gelston

In this video I explain the importance of shutter speed in the exposure triangle, making sure you shoot fast enough to get sharp pictures, and how to use it creatively with techniques like panning to improve your photography.


Basic - Micaela Smith

How I shoot my videos by Toby Gelston

#Videography #ProTips


Get out and Make Photos by Toby Gelston

The best photos can occur in the most unexpected places. Where you're shooting doesn't have to be the best. The photos that come out in the end are what truly matters.


Very creative ! - Ashley Fountain

What's in our Bag - Small Wedding Photography by Toby Gelston

We take a look at our gear for shooting a smaller wedding. #photography


Wedding Photography Tips - Prep Time by Toby Gelston

What do we do in the months, weeks and days leading up to a wedding- tips for communication, timeline and staying organized on the wedding day.


Fantastic Tips ! - Ashley Fountain

What's in my #photography bag? by Toby Gelston

Check out the camera equipment I take on most of my trips.


haha ! - Ashley Fountain

Build a Photography Portfolio with Squarespace by Toby Gelston

There are many reasons you should have your own portfolio site - in this video I outline the reasons and show you just how easy it is to have your own piece of the web. Build a complete portfolio site from scratch in just 15 minutes!


Photo Tip - Image Stabalizing by Toby Gelston

Some thoughts on IS and the focal length/Shutter speed rule for sharp images.


How do you photoshop ? - Ashley Fountain

Think Before you Click: Distracting Elements - Episode 1 by Toby Gelston

Use a few simple photography techniques to eliminate distracting elements that draw your viewer's eye away from your subject.


Great series ! - Ashley Fountain

Interview: Travel Photography with Adam Furtado by Toby Gelston

I chat with Adam Furtado about travel photography - recommended gear to keep your pack light, how to pack that gear and what he looks for in a strong image - a fantastic and wide ranging discussion on all things travel related.


How many countries have you been to ? - Ashley Fountain

8 Instagram Tips for Photographers - More Followers, More Success by Toby Gelston

I have 8 simple tips to make it easier to use Instagram, to gain more followers and find more success on Instagram. Easy drag and drop upload from your desktop to Instagram(almost), Be smart, be consistent, have fun. Bonus - The BEST Instagram export settings from Lightroom


What is your favorite filter on instagram? - Matthew Arnold

why should your instagram have the same theme - Matthew Arnold

If i have done everything that you said in your video but I'm still not getting followers what should I do? - Matthew Arnold

How do you feel about follow for follows? - Matthew Arnold

can you make a video about photoediting? - Matthew Arnold

Great video ! - Ashley Fountain

Any more tips ! - Ashley Fountain

Our Wedding #Photography Gear by Toby Gelston


Is i️t hard marketing photography? - Ashley Fountain


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