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Real Estate Brokers (38810 US employees)


Operate real estate office, or work for commercial real estate firm, overseeing real estate transactions. Other duties usually include selling real estate or renting properties and arranging loans.


Total Employment: 38810

Mean Hourly Wage: $38.56

Mean Annual Wage: $80210

Industry Influencers

Will Moss - Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur

How and Why I Started Investing in Real Estate by Will Moss

In this video I answer how I ended up getting into real estate to able to afford a Lamborghini Gallardo and other nice whips.


Great tips .. Nice video ! - Ashley Fountain

How to Evaluate a Potential Flip or Real Estate Investment - Full Walk through! by Will Moss

Come with me and my son Peek as we evaluate a potential flip property! In this video I discuss purchasing from HUD, estimating your total investment and your total profit from a potential flip. Also what to do if you don't get the sales price you are looking for!


How do you find a house good enough to flip? - Matthew Arnold

Evaluating a potential Flip - Investment Property - With Billionaire Investor - Will Moss by Will Moss

Ok so I'm not a Billionaire, yet, but the title sounded good haha. Enjoy the video where I head out on a Sunday morning to check out a few potential rental properties. We walk thru one of them which is a potential Flip as it doesn't quite meet my desired numbers for a rental property but would make for a decent flip. I don't personally invest in a property if I can't net at least $15,000 in profit for a flip, or $500/month net profit from a rental. This leaves room for those unknown expenses that can eat into your budget.


How do you flip houses on a bad market? - Matthew Arnold

Is i️t hard flipping houses ? - Ashley Fountain

How to start a business! It's Easier Than You Think... by Will Moss

Simple 2 Step process that you need to follow in order to start your business and then get on with your plan to make Millions! For those of you looking to invest in real estate, entrepreneurs, software start ups, or whatever you are passionate about, this is the basics to get your started and legit on your way to make money!


what is the most important thing for a business man to have? - Matthew Arnold

When did you start your first business. - Ashley Fountain

Financed the Lamborghini & Used My Cash to Buy This Property by Will Moss

In this video we go over my formula and strategy for rehabbing a nice little real estate investment property that we will either make a high end rental or a nice little flip so I can upgrade my Lamborghini. 😎


To get this did you get loans ? - Ashley Fountain

why did you buy a lamborgini before a house? - Matthew Arnold


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