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Registered Nurses (2745910 US employees)


Assess patient health problems and needs, develop and implement nursing care plans, and maintain medical records. Administer nursing care to ill, injured, convalescent, or disabled patients. May advise patients on health maintenance and disease prevention or provide case management. Licensing or registration required. Includes Clinical Nurse Specialists. Excludes "Nurse Anesthetists" (29-1151), "Nurse Midwives" (29-1161), and "Nurse Practitioners" (29-1171).


Total Employment: 2745910

Mean Hourly Wage: $34.14

Mean Annual Wage: $71000

Industry Influencers

Caroline Porter Thomas - Helping others improve their skills and interest in nursing.

Ashley Adkins - Registered nurse

Monique-Jolicia - ER Travel Nurse

Pro's and Con's of Travel Nursing by Monique-Jolicia

Many times people glorify travel nursing like it's the best thing ever(which it is awesome). However, people fail to talk about the negative aspects of it, and how it really affects your lifestyle as a whole. In this video, we will go over 5 common pro's and 5 common con's you can prepare to expect once you become...a TravelER!


This video is extremely informative Monique! I never considered the cons to being a travel nurse; definitely some things to consider. - Jermaine Boswell

Great video. Spot on! This is the type of information we seek to share with our user. - Sherrie Campbell

I would to be an travel nurse when I grow up.-Micaela Smith - Micaela Smith

All you need to know about Travel Nursing by Monique-Jolicia

What is travel #nursing? Why travel #nurse? #Travelnurse requirements. How much do travel nurses really make? First aspect of housing.


How to score your Travel Nursing Assignment by Monique-Jolicia

10 tips to help you get the assignment you desire. You may know where you want to travel to, but how do you make sure you get the assignment over someone else? How do you get the perks that you want? When is the best time to go on an assignment? Check out this video to hear the answers to these questions, and more!


Nice tips 👍🏽 - Ashley Fountain

Travel Nurse Character Traits. Can You be a TravelER? by Monique-Jolicia

Not sure if you can be a travel nurse? In this video, we will go over 10 characteristics that make for a successful travel nurse.


Travel Nurse Housing & Pay. Should you take their housing, or find your own? by Monique-Jolicia

Hey guys, in this video I discuss the following: When should you take the stipend VS when you shouldn't? Travel Nurse Pay-The breakdown of it. How to find your own housing and different housing options. I hope you find this information helpful.


Very helpful ! - Ashley Fountain

Travel Nursing Agencies - Which one is best for you? by Monique-Jolicia

When choosing an agency, it's important to start off by knowing your needs, before you can expect your needs to be met. This video will cover: bigger, more popular agencies, smaller agencies, the difference between the two, and which is best for you.


What agency are you with ? - Ashley Fountain

Travel nurse Contract examples with pay breakdown by Monique-Jolicia

Real contract examples. The travel nurse contract is by far one of the most important components of your assignment. It will determine your pay, housing, and how things will actually play out once you get there. In this video, we will go over real contracts, and talk about the things you should look for BEFORE signing your travel nurse contract.


Is i️t good to be on a contract ? - Ashley Fountain

Nurse licensure, what to pack. How to prepare to begin Travel Nursing by Monique-Jolicia

How to obtain nursing licensure in different states, what to pack, and how to get ready to start your new assignment! How exciting! I'll also share with you some personal obstacles and mistakes I came accross when I first embarked upon my travel nursing journey!


Awesome video and tips ! - Ashley Fountain

How to SMARTLY Travel Nurse by Monique-Jolicia

Filing taxes, drive or fly, keeping housing, going with friends, and other topics to consider when starting your travel nurse assignment.


Great ! - Ashley Fountain

Persue an advanced degree while traveling. Intentional Nursing by Monique-Jolicia

Can you work on an additional degree while traveling? How to be intentional with your nursing career. What did I do during my nursing journey?


Diversity in patient illness while Travel Nursing by Monique-Jolicia

With traveling comes different cultures. With different cultures comes different languages, foods, and a variety of illnesses. How will you deal with the diversity of co workers, work environments (hospitals), and patients. Find out how in this short video!


Thanks for the great video. - Micaela Smith

Thanks for the great video.-Micaela Smith - Micaela Smith

Thanks for the great video on different cultures.-Micaela Smith - Micaela Smith

Emergency Room Nursing by Monique-Jolicia

Are you interested in becoming an ER Nurse? In this video, I will talk about the tasks that ER Nurses do, as well as the different characteristics I believe a successful ER Nurse should have.


How do you deal with the fast pace of the emergency room? - Matthew Arnold

I would imagine that the ER is pretty stressful, how do you deal with stressful situations? - Matthew Arnold

Can you describe the staff and support personnel. Do you utilize midlevel practitioners, LPN's, ER techs, Paramedics, lab techs, resp, etc? - Kelly Whyte

Can i️t be difficult when certain things go wrong in the ER? - Ashley Fountain

Is travel nursing only for Single People? by Monique-Jolicia

Is it possible to be in a successful relationship and travel? Is travel nursing only for single people? How do you find love while traveling? All questions I will answer in this short video.❤️


Your authenticity and enthusiasm make you so interesting to watch! Also this video actually answered a question i had for you! Thanks! - Kelly Whyte

Greaaaat ! - Ashley Fountain

For student nurses who want to be a travel nurse in the future by Monique-Jolicia

Which steps should you be taking as of right now to help pave the way for your future as a travel nurse? Find out in this short video.


What should i do now ? Currently I am a highschooo student - Ashley Fountain

what can I do to start preparing myself to become a traveling nurse - Matthew Arnold

What are the main attributes one must attain to be a travel nurse? - Kelly Whyte

Great video-Micaela Smith - Micaela Smith

How I Got Into Nursing School by Ashley Adkins


Typical Day in the ICU by Ashley Adkins

Learn what it's like to work in the #ICU


Thanks for sharing Ashley. That was informative. - Sherrie Campbell

Why is Nursing School so Hard by Ashley Adkins

Let's be real, guys. Nursing school is HARD! Watch my video to find out why nursing school is so difficult.


How to Deal With Inappropriate Patients by Ashley Adkins

In this video I talk about how to deal with inappropriate patients or visitors in a professional manner while protecting your safety!


How to Survive Nursing School by Ashley Adkins

Tips and skills you will need to survive #nursing #school.


How to Decide if Nursing is for me? by Ashley Adkins


My Patient Died by Ashley Adkins

Sharing my experience on a very important topic.


Tuition & Scholarships for Nursing School by Ashley Adkins

Sharing my personal story, what I have learned on how to obtain #funds (#scholarships #grants #loans etc) for #nursing #school.


My First Nursing Clinical Day Experience (I almost fainted!) by Ashley Adkins

The first day of nursing clinicals can be scary and nerve-wracking. See how my first day of nursing clinicals went.


how long have you been working - Ashley Fountain

You Are Not Just a Nurse by Ashley Adkins

We all faces those times where we question whether or not being a nurse is worth it. Here is some motivation to keep you pushing forward through the challenges.


Interview Tips by Ashley Adkins

Tips for interviewing for nursing positions.


Do you know a good hairstyle to wear for a job interview? - Ashley Fountain

How to Take Notes in Nursing School by Ashley Adkins

Taking good notes in nursing school is critical. Without good notes, how can you prepare for nursing exams?


I Don't Feel Like a Nurse by Ashley Adkins

Sometimes it is so difficult to feel like a "real" nurse when you are so new to the field!


Did I Work During Nursing School? by Ashley Adkins

Should you #work while in #nursing #school?


Applying to Jobs Before Graduating Nursing School by Ashley Adkins

Wanting to start looking for a nursing job before graduation? Watch this video to hear my experience and tips you should take.


Nursing Q&A | Part 1 by Ashley Adkins

Answering some questions from my subscribers.


Very helpful! Thanks! - Kelly Whyte

Nursing Q&A | Part 2 by Ashley Adkins

Answering some questions from my subscribers.



Happy Thanksgiving! Heres some insights about working during the holidays for those interested in Nursing.


This was very interesting. I wouldn't have thought about the possibilities of working holidays as a health care professional. I suppose most people take that for granted when planning to become a doctor or nurse. Are there helth care professions with garunteed holiday vacations? Fo people get called in on the holidays often? - Jewel Hairston

i wonder if im ready for this - Gariandra Dupree

CNA BEFORE RN?! by Ashley Adkins


that’s one way to out it - Gariandra Dupree

Nursing Essentials by Ashley Adkins

Interested in being a nurse? Learn about the essentials in this video, so you can better pursue nursing.


Thanks for such a thorough post. I'll have to share this with some of my friends. Very useful! - Noah Huber-Feely

Great video. - Kashun Whatley

Motivation to Study in Nursing School by Caroline Porter Thomas

Finding the #motivation to #study while in school can be a struggle, but this video offers some concrete tips to overcome this. #nursing #university #education #schooling


Caroline this is a great and much needed post. Thanks for sharing. - Sherrie Campbell

Yes ma’am great video.-Micaela Smith - Micaela Smith

How to Ace the Nurse Interview by Caroline Porter Thomas

Learn these valuable tips for perfecting how to be #interviewed for a #nursing position. #career #advice #interviews


Caroline, that is great information. I have a niece pursuing a degree in nursing. Again, great information. Thanks for sharing. - Sherrie Campbell

What would be a good place to start off looking for a job as a new certified nurse ? - Ashley Fountain

Why Most Nursing Students Fail by Caroline Porter Thomas

Failing in nursing school is costly and unfortunate, but this video can help one avoid the pitfalls. #nurse


Is nursing school stressful ? - Ashley Fountain

Males in the Nursing Profession by Caroline Porter Thomas

Being a #male in the #nursing profession carries some distinct differences. Learn about them in this video to gain a better perspective. #nurse


Do they make more ? - Ashley Fountain

How Hard is Nursing School? by Caroline Porter Thomas

You may ask, is #nursing school hard? How stressful is nursing school? How to study for nursing school. Or even, what are the requirements for nursing school? This video answers these questions and many more. #nurse


Nice video Caroline. - Sherrie Campbell

How old were you when you got in nursing school ? - Ashley Fountain

Preparing for Nursing School by Caroline Porter Thomas

Here is some of my most popular advice on how to keep going strong throughout the entire process of getting into & succeeding in #nursing school! #nurse


How long do you stay in nursing school ? - Ashley Fountain

How to Become a Nurse! LPN, RN, BSN??? by Caroline Porter Thomas

I hear it said all the time, "I want to be a nurse." To the average layperson, there may be nothing wrong with this statement and they may think it will be an easy process. But honestly, the process of becoming a nurse is complicated. There are several different types of nurses ranging from LPN and RN to BSN. The education requirements for all are similar, yet different in ways I will explain as we proceed. The following section will give you basic guidelines of the different ways you can become a nurse. You can use this section to evaluate your current status and better determine which path is best for you. LPN or License Practical Nurse is may take you 1 to 2 years to complete. Your scope of practice is similar to the practice of the RN, however the pay is less and your scope of practice is also limited. This is not a bad idea however if you want to start in this program and bridge to an RN program. LPN schools usually have bridge guidelines that can take you from LPN to RN, LPN to BSN or I have even heard of LPN to MSN. May people chose this route because it is easier to gain acceptance into the programs. Associate Degree Nurse or ADN focuses more on technical nursing skills than nursing theory (BSN focus). You can usually get this degree at a community college and takes approx 4 to 5 semesters... not including pre-req time. You are more marketable as you have more opportunities for career progression. There are also many RN-BSN programs which usually take about a year to complete. BSN or Bachelors of Science in Nursing is the generic 4 year college route. The education trends more toward leadership roles with extensive training that prepares you for leadership roles. This education route opens up the most doors down the road as most employers favor BSN degrees. However it is also the hardest route to gain acceptance to. If you already have a Bachelors degree in ANY field you have the option to apply for the Accelerated BSN program. This program can take about 12-18 months and is a great option for those seeking their second career. One disadvantage is that you still have to complete pre-reqs of Anatomy & Physiology and other science courses before applying.... although some programs have added them into the package. I really hope this helped! There is more information in my book which you can download immediately or purchase the paperback (links below) and if you ever need anything else please email me at [email protected]


Your description is very complete. Thanks for another great video. - Noah Huber-Feely

What do you have to do to be an OBG-YN ? - Ashley Fountain

The Best Nursing Skills! by Caroline Porter Thomas

Today I would like to talk about the qualities of a good nurse? How you can be a good nurse. I have found throughout my years as a nurse that one of the greatest characteristics of a good nurse is calmness. So when everything is going crazy, when your phone is ringing off the hook, when you have 7 important things to do RIGHT NOW... how will you be a good nurse?... a calm nurse? My answer to this is so simple, please do not overlook its importance. But it is to incorporate Breathing into your every movement: walking down the halls, picking up the phone, changing your sweet patient. For my nursing students this is my number 1 piece of advice for you too! How to become a good nurse starts with how to become a good nursing student! Before you start studying, every time your turn a page in your book, every class you walk to. Take a deep breath and be thankful for this opportunity to become a nurse... the hard work to become a nurse is worth it. Keep it up! Thank you so much for watching and reading this video.


Is there and other ways to cope with stressing in college ? - Ashley Fountain

Do I Know Enough to Be a Nurse by Caroline Porter Thomas

If you are concerned you may not know enough or are afraid of your ability to be a nurse, this video can help give you guidance.


Is there and more things I need to know ? - Ashley Fountain

Can I work and go to Nursing School? by Caroline Porter Thomas

I am Caroline Porter Thomas and created this video for Marion who asked "Can you make a video about nursing students who have had part time jobs and still excelled in nursing school." I love how you are intelligently approaching the nursing education process and evaluating whether or not this is something that a working adult could feasibly do! While I did not work, I did go to school with many nursing students who worked. While it is not ideal there were a few things that I noticed about the students who worked and were successful. This is a list of the Traits: 1. They had very clearly outlined goals and they were super excited about what they were working towards. 2. They ate relatively healthy and skipped all of the big group lunches with classmates... as I did too. 3. They said "No" a lot. To anything that would take them further away from their goals. 4. They surrounded themselves with Driven and Positive people. 5. They utilized every second wisely.... I remember one very driven student would keep his head in the book when everyone else was socializing during a class break. 6. They had a lot of FAITH!!! That they were doing what they were supposed to be doing, that they would be given the tools necessary to succeed and that their future was going to be much better. It is possible to work and go to nursing school, yes, but you have to be 20 times more focused for sure! Another thing that I saw which I forgot to mention was that it did help if they had a job which did allow at least some time to glance through their book or notes. Jobs like security guards who site at monitor screens or Telemetry technicians or maybe secretary work at a place that is not super duper busy would be great! I did see quite a few nursing students work as CNA's and although I do think that you will get some great experience, you will most of the time never be able to glance at ANYTHING!!! Of course depending where and when you work. I did see a lot of CNA's work the night shift, which did allow about an hour or 2 from the hours of 2am to 4am. So if you can handle it that could be a good option for you! So, if you do have to work... don't let that stop you!! You can still do it!!


Should I Quit Nursing School? by Caroline Porter Thomas

When do you know that you should give up? This is a hard question and one that you really have to look deep down within and ask what is the right thing for your and your family. As hard as it is, I would venture to say that 99.9999999... % of the time that quitting is not the right answer.


How long do you take in nursing school ? - Ashley Fountain

Which Job Will Help You as a Nurse? by Caroline Porter Thomas

Here are some jobs that have helped me develop important skills I believe will benefit any nursing student.


Can majoring in biology in college help with studying as being a nurse ? - Ashley Fountain

I Hate Blood, Can I be a Nurse? by Caroline Porter Thomas


Do you hate blood ? - Ashley Fountain

How to Study for Anatomy and Physiology by Caroline Porter Thomas

A&P was the turning point in my academic success. Once I figured out how to study for anatomy and physiology I knew I could challenge myself to overcome other classes. In this video I share advice on how to tackle this class. :)


How to Start an IV by Caroline Porter Thomas

Here is a nursing skills video showing you the steps to start an IV.


Have you ever been nervous to put a needle in someone.? - Ashley Fountain

How I Take Care of 5-7 Patients by Caroline Porter Thomas


Have a boyfriend/girlfriend in nursing school by Caroline Porter Thomas

Is it a good idea to be in a relationship while in nursing school?


Does i️t take more time away from you guys relationship ? - Ashley Fountain

How to deal with a rude patient or family member by Caroline Porter Thomas

In this video I'm going to give you a few tips on how I approach difficult situations & make the most of them. I will also share how I detach emotionally, so that no matter what, I feel good knowing that I did my absolute best to handle the situation.


Negative Cultured Nursing Units by Caroline Porter Thomas

Since I am an agency nurse & float from unit to unit, hospital to hospital, I can honestly tell you that both positive & negative culture units can be found in every hospital & every type of nursing specialty. It does not seem to be limited to one area of the hospital.


Tips for Nurses to Stay Positive by Caroline Porter Thomas

There is a lot of negativity working in a hospital. My goal is to help create more ways we can stay positive on the job.


How to get your dream job by Caroline Porter Thomas

Here Mike from Simple Nursing and I give our best tips on how to get your dream job as a #nurse. :)


Is there any other tips you can give me ? - Ashley Fountain

Fall in Love with Nursing by Caroline Porter Thomas


How did you fall in love with nursing ? - Ashley Fountain

Tips for High School Students Who Want to be Nurses by Caroline Porter Thomas

Tips for High School Students Who Want to be Nurses! Preparing for your future starts in high school. The harder you study now.... The more doors will be open to you!


Did you do any internships? - Ashley Fountain

Did you do any internships? - Ashley Fountain

My Daily Routine as a Nurse by Caroline Porter Thomas

Answering a user's question about my daily routine.


How early do you get up ? - Ashley Fountain

When did you develop this routine - Matthew Arnold

is your job stressful - Olasubomi Richard Olawepo


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