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Web Developers (127070 US employees)


Design, create, and modify Web sites. Analyze user needs to implement Web site content, graphics, performance, and capacity. May integrate Web sites with other computer applications. May convert written, graphic, audio, and video components to compatible Web formats by using software designed to facilitate the creation of Web and multimedia content. Excludes "Multimedia Artists and Animators" (27-1014).


Total Employment: 127070

Mean Hourly Wage: $33.97

Mean Annual Wage: $70660

Industry Influencers

Noah Huber-Feely - Self-taught programmer who knows 11 languages, and primarily does web development.

Skip Kelly - I help myself and others improve their lives'.

Why Learn to Code by Noah Huber-Feely

An inspiring video by Code.org about how to #code, and the reasons why you should #learn. #inspirational #genius #programmer #programming


Coding really is a superpower. You can accomplish anything! - Noah Huber-Feely

Thanks for sharing this Noah! - Derek Stewart

I'm glad you liked it Derek! - Noah Huber-Feely

Agreed, thanks for sharing Noah. Very insightful. - Jermaine Boswell

Noah, that is really a true statement, coding is a superpower and much respect to those of you who possess it. - Sherrie Campbell

The Power of Code by Noah Huber-Feely

This is a great TED talk about how #learning to #code can help anyone no matter what #profession they go into. #automation #TEDtalk #lifeskills


And the incredible thing is this video was made back in 2012, but is even more applicable today. - Noah Huber-Feely

That is a very true statement Noah. Thanks for sharing. Great information. - Sherrie Campbell

Autodidacticism by Noah Huber-Feely

Noah Huber-Feely explains what it takes to accomplish your goals by self-taught learning. #selftaught #noahhuberfeely


The pursuit of knowledge is one of the most fullfilling things you can do. - Noah Huber-Feely

I'd strongly recommend checking out online courses such as those provided by edX. - Noah Huber-Feely

Khan Academy is another great resource. - Noah Huber-Feely

@"Noah Huber-Feely" This is a test comment. - Noah Huber-Feely

@"Noah Huber-Feely" This is a test comment. - Jane Doe

Elon Musk: How to Build the Future by Noah Huber-Feely

Insightful perspective into how to enact change and have a truly lasting impact. #advice #future #startup #EnactChange


This video was made by Y Combinator. - Noah Huber-Feely

Android Programming from Scratch by Noah Huber-Feely

For everyone who has wanted to build an app, but hasn't found the motivation, here is a great video tutorial that gives you the skills to learn to code for the most popular mobile OS. #Android #programming #code #developer #apps #LearnFromScratch


Also, Android is by far the most common mobile OS, with more than three times the market share of iOS. It is a great thing to learn. - Noah Huber-Feely

Learning to Code by Noah Huber-Feely

Starting to code is the hardest part of the entire process. There are so many tutorials, languages, and paradigms it can frequently be hard to pick one. However, the following tips can help a lot: 1. Your first language won't make a large impact on your learning journey. If you enjoy diving right into the depths of computer science, a language like C++ will probably suit you, but if you prefer to take gradual steps then Python will be a better fit. Whatever you choose you can't go wrong, and virtually all programmers know multiple languages. 2. Pick a tutorial/program and stick to it. If you feel you are learning enough, and the material isn't so advanced you are overwhelmed, then it's best to stick with it, instead of jumping between multiple options. This can help you persevere with your learning and gain far more knowledge than dabbling in various programs. 3. And finally, start building projects as soon as you can. At the start, you won't be able to build a Google competitor, but it is important you apply what you are learning. These projects can also help you when applying to jobs because you can show work you have done to employers. Your first program will be simply and do something like computing the Fibonacci sequence, but keep at it and your projects will grow much more advanced.


If you are interested in web development, checkout Free Code Camp for lessons. - Noah Huber-Feely

Great advice! - Sherrie Campbell

Becoming a Master Web Developer by Noah Huber-Feely

Web development advice by the industry veteran Stefan Mischook. No matter your career interest, this video holds many gems for any pursuit. #code #web #developer #focus #CodeNinja


Very informative. Surprisingly interesting! Good stuff. - Sherrie Campbell

Can One Be A Programmer Without A Computer Science Degree by Noah Huber-Feely

Anyone can pursue #ComputerScience and not having a degree in CS hardly limits one's potential. #DreamBig #Code #LifeAdvice


This gives me a lot of hope. Thanks Noah! - Michael Maxim

AI is the New Electricity by Noah Huber-Feely

Artificial intelligence is at the core of many tech products and is actively disrupting countless industries. Its impact will only continue to expand and this video gives a clear and realistic view of its consequence while providing a clear understanding of how it works.


There are many free online courses which teach AI, and I recommend looking on Coursera. - Noah Huber-Feely

Is Learning to Code Hard by Noah Huber-Feely

Learning to code is incredibly rewarding, but many people are concerned they may not be "cut out for it". This video helps explain the difficulty of learning.


Automation and the Future of Work by Noah Huber-Feely

Heading into this brave new world of mechanization and automation, we must be aware of the threat it poses to the job market. This visually appealing and thorough video can help one grasp the threat career searchers need to be aware of and able to grasp.


Should you learn AI and Machine Learning? by Noah Huber-Feely

What are the AI and machine learning job opportunities today? This video by Stefan Mischook provides a thorough explanation of these areas.


This is a very controversial topic, I'm glad someone has finally posted about it. - Jane Doe

Arduino Based Robot (Demo) by Noah Huber-Feely

In this video I show off a small, smartphone controlled robot which can be deftly and quickly navigated.


A Day in the Life of a Software Developer by Noah Huber-Feely

It's crucial to learn about all the aspects of any field you wish to pursue. Check out this video to learn more about #softwaredevelopment. #code #developer #programmer


How did you go about learning the different languages - Mark Awoniyi

How did you go about learning the different languages - Mark Awoniyi

what is the bare minimum of languages you have to learn? - Matthew Arnold

Areas of Computer Science by Noah Huber-Feely

It is important to know the various sub-fields available in computer science before entering, as you will most likely focus on only several throughout your professional life. #learning #college #programming


which field has the most money in it? - Matthew Arnold


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