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Writers and Authors (43380 US employees)


Originate and prepare written material, such as scripts, stories, advertisements, and other material. Excludes "Public Relations Specialists" (27-3031) and "Technical Writers" (27-3042).


Total Employment: 43380

Mean Hourly Wage: $33.24

Mean Annual Wage: $69130

Industry Influencers

Sophia Ovida - Published writer; content editor; and author of "My Skin Is Great" children's book.

Sophia's Tips for Aspiring Writers & Editors by Sophia Ovida


Did you self publish and if so, how do you go about self-publishing? - julian w

Where can your children's book be found, and what is its name? - Sherrie Campbell

Yes Julian, I self-published with LuLu publishing. - Sophia Ovida

Hi Sherrie you an find my children's book "My Skin Is Great" at: www.sophiaovida.com/shop - Sophia Ovida

Thank you for your response. - Sherrie Campbell

Check out my latest children's book! by Sophia Ovida

"Be Grateful" is a squeal to "My Skin Is Great." This book teaches children the value of being grateful and exercising the very significant words "thank you." Pre-Order the colorful and fun "Be Grateful" activity book written and illustrated by Sophia Ovida today! This children's book is for kids ages 0 to 12. www.sophiaovida.com


How much ? - Ashley Fountain


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