Who is a user and who is an influencer?

User: A student and/or career searcher who utilizes the site for the following: to learn about career options, search careers, communicate and network with influencers.

Influencer: A professional who shares insights about their profession and offers advice and mentorship to users.

Can a user also be an influencer?

Yes! In fact, every influencer has an associated user account which they can use to network with other influencers, and gain further insights into other industries.

Once a new member has created their account what's next?

After sign-up, a user can immediately begin using all the features C-Tips offers.

  • Follow and message influencers
  • Gain insight through the tips in their newsfeed
  • Search for influencers and tip videos in their careers of interest, using names, keywords and hashtags
  • (Coming soon) Take our CA (Career Aptitude) test to find which career is your best fit
  • (Coming soon) Search our database to gain real time information about your careers of interest

How does one become an influencer and what can an influencer do?

One simply submits a request in our influencer request form. Upon moderation, one receives an email with a link in which you can complete the last few pieces of your profile.

  • Post tip videos to share insights about your career(s). These can include videos other people have posted on YouTube or it can be a personal video. To post a personal video, simply upload it through YouTube, and select "unlisted" if you wouldn't like it to be publicly accessible.
  • Connect with mentees - as our user base grows everyday, more users will be accessing your profile and video posts. If a user has any questions and wants to reach out to you, they have the ability to post comments on your posts and contact you via our messaging feature. Check your account regularly to see who is reaching out to you.

Will users be able to post videos as well?

Users cannot post videos, however, if they feel they have something valuable to share, they can simply request to become an influencer.

Is there a limit on the number of videos posted?

There is no limit on video posts, however, we ask that one is corteous to ones followers, and keeps their volume of posts to a digestible level.

How much time must an influencer spend on the site?

Influencers can choose to spend as much time as they would like, and the quality of their output, is worth far more than the quantity.

How many times must a user use the site before it wil be of benefit?

It varies by the needs of the user and their requirement for mentorship.

Is there a script or certain information an influencer should or shouldn't share?

An influencer should share information about their career that they beleive will be beneficial to people interested. However, we give influencers freedom in how they convey this kind of information. The ideal content is something they would feel safe posting on LinkedIn.

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